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verna's honey blonde

This brew is for Grandma Verna. Clean & Crisp. The added local Shannon's Honey gives a nice sweet taste & velvety mouthfeel.  ABV 4.5% 

Shady Wheat Behavin

There's nothing shady about this beer. The grains produce full wheat flavor with a hint of citrus from the added California orange peel. ABV 4.5%


We take our Verna's Honey Blonde and add fresh raspberry puree during fermentation because why not. The raspberries add a beautiful color and light tartness.

ABV 4.5%

Flatbottom Amber

Just like a glass water day on the river this beer is smooth. The blend of malts give this brew a nice caramel taste and a clean finish. ABV 6%

Iowa Bale Ale

Can you fit a square bale in a round hole? No. Just like this beer isn't an APA nor IPA. It's a perfect balanced Pale Ale. Great malt blend with little hop spiceness. ABV 6.5%

Oar What IPA

Big malt backbone makes this a well balanced IPA...or what. Few bittering hops are added in the boil for a slight hoppy taste. Dry-Hopped with Citra gives off a pleasent fruity aroma. ABV 7%

Rural Route Stout

Dark, roasty, full body beer with hints of chocolate and coffee. Touch of sweetness is added from the addition of lactose. Perfect blend, kind of like taking a Sunday drive on a rural route. ABV 6%

*Also available: Sutliff Cider, Local Iowa Wine and Millstream Rootbeer