NEW BEER FRIDAY! August 4th!

Count them 2 new brews on tap tomorrow!

We will be releasing 2 new small batch brews tomorrow.  When we say small batch we mean it.  Well, I mean our full system itself is small batch compared to many breweries, so these are even smaller! We are talking only 5 gallons of each folks. Get them while you can!


Dry Dry Saison & Looks Like I'll Be Up All Night Stout

The Saison is by far the most unique beer we have brewed. We used a champagne yeast that gives this brew an extremely dry finish.  If you want a thirst quenching brew this is not it.  The nose is champagne and taste is a little fruity. Then BAM a dry finish. Literally you have to keep trying this complex brew to figure out what is all going on.  
The Stout is made with a ton of chocolate malt.  Along with Coco Nibs and Espresso Beans from Calico Bean Market.  It is like drinking a chocolate espresso.  Delish.  


Kelly Hueneke