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River Ridge Brewing expands the family

in more ways than one

River Ridge Brewing started in September 2016 by Kelly and Nick Hueneke and Jeremy and

Nikki Roth. Since it opened, business has expanded and so has the brewery family. Nick and Kelly

Hueneke welcomed the newest addition, Nile Hueneke, on September 27 th . But the healthy baby boy

wasn’t the only addition to the brewery family. Allison Simpson and Nic Hockenberry and Greg and

Amanda Simpson have become partners in this riverside destination.

“We started as a family brewery and I’m happy to expand that family, and hopefully build on what we’ve

been doing for the past two years,” said Kelly Hueneke of the addition to the team.

Greg Simpson, of Dubuque, has been homebrewing for over a decade and was excited for the

opportunity to join the Bellevue brewery saying, “I love what River Ridge has been doing. Both their

main stay beers and special releases have been great, and I’m excited to collaborate and keep offering

more exciting brews!”

The nano-brewery has several beer varieties offered year-round, like the popular Verna’s Honey Blonde

and Iowa Bale Ale, as well as special releases of smaller batches like Total Eclipse of the Hop, an IPA

made with local hops, and other barrel aged varieties. This past Saturday, the brewery held Stout Day

2018 with special release offerings including Peanut Butter Cup, Mint Chocolate, Maple Bacon, and

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee stouts. But if beer is not your drink of choice, they do offer Iowa made cider

and root beer, as well as wine from local wineries.

While the River Ridge Brewing has a number of local patrons who frequent the cozy river themed

brewery, a lot of business comes from out of town and even out of the country.

“Bellevue is a frequent stop for tourists travelling along the Great River Road. They stop here because

it’s a beautiful town set in a beautiful part of the river. Allison and I only had to visit once before we

decided to move here,” said Nic Hockenberry.

At its core, River Ridge Brewing is community minded business. Since they opened they have focused on

ways to get involved in supporting community initiatives. Whether raising money for the Bread Basket

or the Cole Park Playground, they hope to give back to the community that they love.

“We are a family friendly and community minded place, and our expanded River Ridge family will

continue to be focused on that,” said Kelly Hueneke.